Homemade Butter

Listen, have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning and thought that you should make butter? Yourself? With a whisk and some elbow grease? Just me? Ok.

Why though? Making butter from heavy cream is something that I think everyone should do at least once. It is easy, rewarding, and doesn’t even require a butter churn. Imagine showing up at a dinner party and bringing homemade butter. It is a lost art, and deceptively easy. Just take a cup of heavy whipping cream, a whisk, and a bowl. Whisk until you have butter (about 10 minutes).

Take one cup of heavy whipping cream, and whip until you have butter! This recipe makes about 1/2 cup of butter, which would be great in this recipe.

Whipped cream

whiped cream

Keep whipping!

Once the liquid comes out of the butter, you are done! If you think that it isn’t happening, just keep whipping. It will!

Then, strain out the liquid using cheese cloth, or any cloth you have laying around. Congratulations, you have made butter! From scratch! No butter churn required.

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